Worker Playground, an original brand name of Macau, is inspired by the long-gone “Workers’ Sports Ground” of the city. It is conceived to revive a legacy of collective memories, so strongly held by a many people. The design sets about making men’s clothing through inputs from American and British streetwear, with a thoughtful attention to blend local elements into the entirety. Target marketing, instead of mass marketing, has always been the preferred option. Our target consumers are those who have been hit by the British, American and Japanese pop cultures of the 1980s to 1990s.  They are in their maturity now, financially well-off and still packed with dreams and passion.

Worker Playground,一個澳門品牌,以澳門工人球場為概念,勾起澳門人集體回憶的情感而命名。服裝設計上以英、美街頭服裝為藍本,加上一些澳門精神隱藏在服裝的設計上。在市場上以’窄播’而非’廣播’推廣,針對某種些特定羣體男仕為對象。而目標羣體均經歷過八九十年代英美及日本流行文化入侵的洗禮。昔日他們年輕,今日他們成熟,有經濟基礎,但仍充滿著夢想與激情。